VIDEO: Testing Transition Bikes.

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One of the best things to live in Squamish is that you have lots of races, social rides, and events. Some of those events are bike test, where bike brands bring their best models to test.

This time Transition , a bike brand installed near here (Bellingham-USA), brought lots of bikes to try. Transition staff was very nice.

We wanted to try the new enduro model of the brand, the Patrol. It wasn’t easy. It was the model more solicited of the test. Aimar was lucky. It was the first time he could try a bike in a test. Until now he was very small and all the bikes were very big for him.

I was lucky also. At the end of the day, I could try one. I can only say good thinks…although I always say that brands “cheat” with their bikes. They always have the top bikes to try with awesome components, and is a little misleading for people like me that can only afford the basic models…lol.

This is a short video of that day.

Un saludo.

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