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TEST of METAL - Creciendo sobre dos ruedas


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The test of metal is one of the toughest mountain bike races. 67 kilometer course with over 1,200 meters of climbing and 35 kilometer of single-track.  One of the characteristics of this race is that there are cut times at certain points of the route. If you don’t arrive within the time limit you are disqualified, so you can’t go too relaxed …

1000 runners, mass start and more people cheering that you could imagine. The atmosphere of this race is awesome.

ijurkoracing test of metal 1


This year was the last edition of the Test of Metal. Ainhoa couldn’t miss one of the most important events in BC.

The first few km were through some of the streets of Squamish, to allow each rider to find his place in the race..

You have to take it easy and in a good mood. The race is very long.

ijurkoracing test of metal 4

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good and it was raining cats and dogs during almost all the race.

ijurkoracing test of metal 5

The rain and the low temperature (13ºC) did the race even harder.

ijurkoracing test of metal 7

It wasn’t one of the best mountain bike days for Ainhoa. Mud, rain and cold are not a good combination. She arrived at the finish line, that is pretty good, and took the third position in Junior girls. Happy after all.

ijurkoracing test of metal 6

ijurkoracing test of metal 8


Another challenge overtaken.

Un saludo a todos y hasta otra.

ijurkoracing test of metal 9




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