Garbanzo DH Crankworx Whistler.

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The Garbanzo DH in another one of the events of the Cranworx in Whistler bikepark.

Is a downhill race with around 1000 m of vertical drop. The race runs trough some of the toughest trails of Whistler bikepark. Very technical and long. The best times are around 12 and a half minutes….

Even Loic Bruni said that this was one of the hardest races he ever rode.

You can see here a small video of the race that we recorded in the race training. VIDEO.


The race went trough Original sin, In deep, Duffman, No duff …

Ainhoa’s target was to reach the finish line without crashing. We were talking after training and we decided that the most important was to have a great experience. So she had to be safe and don’t go too fast. She was in U19 and she’s only 14, so she had nothing to do.

Yo can see the big screen here just in the moment she was arriving to the finish line. ijurkoracing garbanzo DH 1

However, everything was very good for her and she was on the podium. She got the second position, far yet from Stephanie Denroche, one of the girls you are going to see pretty soon in the WC.

Her first  “hot seat”

ijurkoracing garbanzo DH2jpg


She was very happy. Is outstanding to be second in a race like this one.

ijurkoracing garbanzo DH4

Un saludo a todos.

ijurkoracing garbanzo DH5


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