Crankworx Whistler B-line DH race.

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B-line DH Kids race  is 0ne of the most popular events in the Crankworx in Whistler . Hundreds of kids ready to emulate their idols in a “kid-size” race. B-line is a track that everybody can ride. The problem is to be fast…lol

We have to wait a lot for our star time due to the massive amount of kids racing. We took it easy waiting in the shade.

ijurkoracing whistler Kidworx dh2

Ainhoa is very used to races, but Aimar was nervous and excited. Our tarject is always to have fun, but trying to go fast, it’s call race for something.Aimar lo pasó en grande Velocidad y estilo a partes iguales. Lo de no tener presión le vino muy bien para disfrutar de la bajada.

Aimar had a great time. Speed and style at the same time. He enjoyed his down, jumping and whipping.




23 in  10-12. It’s a good result. He just turned 11 and has to fight with people like Jackson Goldstone…

Lots of girls, especially young girls. Ainhoa with some of the  Ride like a Girl. racers.

ijurkoracing whistler Kidworx dh5

The waiting for the podium was the worst. We had to wait almost 2 hours due to a problem with the chronos. Ainhoa couldn’t practice the Garbanzo DH , but she was happy with the second position in the race.

You can see the times here:

ijurkoracing whistler Kidworx dh3

Crankworx is just started. We are going to enjoy riding the bike park next couple days.

Un saludo.








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