Canadian XC Open Crankworx Whistler.

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The Canadian XC Open in Whistler is one of the Cross country races of the Canadian National Championship. Crankworx is famous  because the competitions push to the limit racer’s skills. They have room for the XC race dough, where they push racer’s physical limits, and more this year, with a very hard track and a very hot day.

Ainhoa wanted to participate in this race although  she is not a XC fan. Not many riders can do a XC race after the Garbanzo DH.

She was pretty relaxed before the race. XC is not her target, so no pressure for her.

She had not the best bike for a XC race. An enduro bike is not the best, however, The Team Squamish lycra equipation always

Canadian open XC Crankworx 2

Some of the Junior girls. Nice atmosphere before the race.

Canadian open XC Crankworx 4

Ainhoa did the first half lap with the rest of the girls, pretty good. She passed near me in one of the climbs and told me: “Dad, this is not for me…” Is Ok if you want to quit. “NO way, but I’ll take it easy and try to enjoy the downhills.

Canadian open XC Crankworx 1

Canadian open XC Crankworx 5

It was like a training for her.

Here in the finish line. Does she look like she just finished the race????  lol.

Canadian open XC Crankworx 6

She had a decent result (6th)

Good day, especially for her good attitude, happiness, and good mood.

It was another new experience for her, and this is the most important.

Canadian open XC Crankworx 3

Un saludo.



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