Crashes happen sometimes.

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Mountain bike is a risk sport . A small mistake can cost a great fall. All who practice mountain bike know that sometimes you crash ….. You have to assume the falls and learn that everything is not easy, neither  in sports or in life. Yo have to try your  best to recover as soon as possible and keep practicing your favorite sport.

This time, the accident was at home. After training the Hot on Your Heels. We were coming back home for an easy trail. Riding quiet, thinking in next day race and talking while we were descending the trail. Ainhoa went out of the track and landed in a rock garden.

Bleeding, rising from the rocks and hardly breathing, her first sentence was: “Dad, I’m going to race tomorrow”. No way, were going to the Hospital.

crash Ainhoa

We’re use having some scratches, knocks or falls. Usually,  we keep riding without problem.  This time was a little more “serious”. Hospital, doctor, stitches …  just before his favorite race, the Hot on your heels and 3 weeks before Crankworx.


crash Ainhoa 5
crash Ainhoa 2


You can learn of every situation in this life. You have to stay focused to get home. The day of the accident wasn’t very good. Next day, she was in a better mood. We were cheering some of the girls in the race. Things do not always go the way you want.

crash Ainhoa 4

With joy and a good mood you always recover better and faster.

Hopefully she will be ready for Crankworx ..


Un saludo.


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