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24 trails - Creciendo sobre dos ruedas

24 trails

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One year more here in Squamish and one more time 23 trails is here. This year, one trail more, up to 24. Here is the event link:24 trails. And our last year experience: 23 trails ijurkoracing.

Pretty easy rules. SORCA select 24 of the huge amount of trails in Squamish. There is one spot in each trail with tickets for a draw. The more tickets you get, the more chances you have to win prices. The only limit is the time to start and finish.

Super fun. Lots of riders this year. The good weather helped a lot.

This year we didn’t choose very well the trails and we rode to many km and not too many trails… 6 hours pedaling, 60.8 km and 14 trails. Many “extra” km because of our bad selection.

The long day worth. It was “mandatory” to stop in some of the trails to enjoy the views.

24 trails squamish ijurkoracing 7

24 trails squamish ijurkoracing 5

Nice day riding. Boney Elbows, one of the “extra” trails we rode.

24 trails squamish ijurkoracing 3

Fred was one of Ainhoa’s favorites.

24 trails squamish ijurkoracing 9

Taking Tickets in Room with a view.

24 trails squamish ijurkoracing 1

She’s always in a good mood despite the hours riding.  Lowndown

24 trails squamish ijurkoracing 8

We have no more pictures. Even the phone got “tired” after that long ride. We had a good time in the party. Good dinner, draw…We went early home, Ainhoa was tired.

Next day, Whistler bikepark to recovery…lol.

24 trails squamish ijurkoracing 4

We probably are not going to ride more km next year, but we´ll do more trails…sure.

Un saludo.





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