VIDEO: Poker ride – Bikes n’Buckles

Squamish is an amazing place to ride , not only for the trails but for all different event and races about mountain bike.

This time, Howe Sound Secondary School Cycling Academy organized an original event called  Poker ride.

Basically you have to ride some (or all) of the 11 trails from the huge  SORCA trails catalog and chose one card in each trail from the deck. When the event is over, just choose the 5 best cards. Ainhoa is usually a lucky girl. She got a pocker (4 Aces) that was not enough to win this time. The after party was to raise funds and like always with good food and music.

The most important for us is to have fun, and we did it well. Amazing day, good trails and happy to be part of the first even of the year in Squamish.

This time we took the time to record something. This is the video of our Poker ride.

Un saludo.


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