Know us


First name: AINHOA
Last name: Ijurko
Age: 2001
Squamish, BC, Canada


My name Ainhoa Ijurko,  I recently moved to Squamish, BC Canada. I like to ride bikes, especially mountain bikes. I enjoy practicing downhill and enduro.

The climbs are just to find good downs.

I like the feeling of freedom, speed … I love the trails with roots and rocks and to ride in bike parks.

I love spending time with my friends, talking about our stuff, buying clothes, preparing sweets … whatever is with them.

I like music, cinema …. and Downhill. I never miss a race for the World Cup DH.


First name: AIMAR
Last name: Ijurko
Age: 2005
Squamish, BC, Canada


I am Aimar Ijurko, I like everything about bikes. I was born in northern Spain and now I’m living in a wonderful place to ride bikes, Squamish, BC in Canada.

I ride my bikes with my sister and my father. What I like most is jumping on the trails and the BMX tracks. I like playing football or soccer with my friends, jumping on the trampoline … or any game where you have to move a lot.

I love to watch the great mountain bike events, especially those of tricks, such as Redbull rampage and Cranworx, but I also like to watch the enduro and downhill races. I also like to watch rally cars…nobody is perfect….


First name: AITOR
Last name: Ijurko
Age: No mater how many years
Squamish, BC, Canada


I’m Aitor Ijurko and I’m getting old for this … lol. I was born in a small town called Lekunberri, in northern Spain. I moved with my family to Squamish, BC in Canada. I want my children to have new experiences and learn about other cultures. I will miss my work as a firefighter, but everything in life has a cost …

I love riding. I love to assemble and set up bikes. I love talking about bike stuff, races, riders…

And I love traveling and cycling with my kids teaching them technique, mechanics, philosophy … I think soon they’ll be better than me …My only purpose is to teach them to enjoy both nature and sport.


First name: ASUN
Last name: Ayesa
Age: Whhhaaatttt????
Squamish, BC, Canada


I am Asun. I am young, forever young. I was born and raised in Pamplona (The City of San Fermin, Yes, I know). I don’t ride mountain bikes, but someone has to support riders with transportation, food, logistics, taking pictures …

I moved with my family to Squamish, BC in Canada in 2015. It’s definitely the best place in the world for any activity in nature.

I like the world of mountain biking. I know that it’s dangerous and I’m always worried about my children because they go too fast for me, but they are happy. I love listening to their conversations  and see their happy faces when they have gone down a good track.

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