Hot on Your Heels. Squamish, BC Enduro race

This weekend was  a new edition of  Hot on Your Heels in Squamish. A pretty special race. Only women can participate and volunteers must be all men. In addition, it has a fun-hot component with massage stations, drinks … and an  incredible after-party  with a lot of prizes including a Norco sight, thanks to  Norco and Republic.

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This has been the first “true” enduro race for Ainhoa, the youngest racer.

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What is most striking about this race is the good feeling. Many of the women were dressed with costumes and smiles were common. Downs with no too much technical difficulty. It is a race for all levels. It’s true that the climbs have to be done, so you have to be physically strong …

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Ainhoa enjoyed a lot. The last stage was a little hard for her because she was pretty tired.

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However, she was the first junior and  39 Open. Over 200 women (14 pro) with an incredible level. Women  are fast … very fast …here in British Columbia.


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After the race, dinner and party. Very good memory for Ainhoa about this race.

Here are the race times thanks to Sprucetiming

Thanks to Melissa Sheridan for an excellent organization of the race. And thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors that have collaborated in the event.


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You can see more photos here…(some of them only for

Martyn photo

Pat Mulrooney

 Ainhoa’s Chronicle :

It has been an amazing  Enduro race. Especially for the atmosphere. It is a race organized to enjoy and have fun.

The race was 4 stages. The first was very well for me. Quite long and hard climb, but I took it easy. The second stage had more technical parts with wet roots, rocks and quite technical steps. There were occasional drops, but everything went very well for me. On the descent of the third stage my  chain went out and I lost some time putting it in place. The last stage had two very tough and long climbs. The truth is that I did not ride fast this stage because I was very tired.

The afterparty was great. Everyone was congratulating me and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people. Especially Marilyne  Aubin, first open women who encouraged me a lot. Amazing how fast she rides.

I had a good time. Next year I´ll race again, for sure.
Un saludo fuerte a todos/as

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