Discovering trails in Squamish

A month and a half ago we arrived to Squamish , but recently we are already installed and can start enjoying the tracks around here. The truth is that the amount of trails is huge. They are almost all listed in a map and categorized by level of difficulty. There is something for all kind of riders, wide ones, narrow ones, with roots, stones, and jumps, with ups …..

Squamish is an enduro town and  most of the trails are too perfect for enduro. This means that to down you have to climb first. For a child like Aimar, 9 years old, this is an inconvenience, 400 to 500 meters of  gain altitude is too much for him, so you have to help him a little. A good training for me …

ijurkoracing climbing

When we ride with Aimar, we choose easy tracks, those with flow, jumps, banked corners….the matter is, as always, to have a good time…but we have also ventured into some paths full of roots.

Always checking on the little boy…

Although it rains a lot, as it stops raining you can enjoy mountain biking. Not only Canadians are used to the rain, the land is “very used” and drains well.

Our first impressions …. is an amazing place to practice mtb and not only by the topography (there are great places all over the world) but for the environment and culture. Children have time to enjoy any activity and most people play sports. It is common to see three or four mothers riding her enduro bikes while their children are in school  … Awesome.


And we still being in winter…!!!!

We’ll tell you more things.


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