Crankworx Whistler 2015. Kidworx B-line DH race.

Amazing Crankworx Whistler week. We always wached on TV, but to be in this event was great. It’s awesome how many riders and mountain bike fans were in the Crankworx. Shocked to be waiting in the chairlift line and to see the best riders on the world near you.

We took it easy this year to see and enjoy the events, but having time to participate in the Kidworx B-line DH.


Lots of superfast boys and girls. Amazing.


You can see more photos here 

Ainhoa was second in Junior Girls 13-15. Very happy. She raced with her enduro bike and she had only tried 3-4 times the track…..I don’t know what was more exciting for her, finishing second or that  Steve Smith gave her the medal.




A bad day for Aimar . He raced in 10-12. He had nothing to do in this race, so his only tarject was to have fun.  However, he was very motivated and started “on fire”. For the first 1/3 down he had caught the front racer (starting every 45s . ) … Amazing.

But we had the most unsporting father of all Canada in front of us (In this category parents are behind the kids as a ” squires “) . Since we catch them, instead of letting us pass , he was devoted to close and block  Aimar to not let him pass. He almost throw down Aimar more than one time. Aimar lost a lot of  time and couldn’t do a good race , being relegated to the 57th position. We did´t care so much of the result  but we couldn´t enjoy the first “big” race of Aimar ’cause the attitude of that unsporting father.


We said goodbye doing some downs in  Crank- it-up to have a good memory of this great day.


Un saludo a todos.

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