BC Enduro Series. North Vancouver

The first race of the British Columbia Enduro Series  was this last weekend in North Vancouver.

Quite technical sections with lots of rocks. We didn’t expect too much in this race because we had barely been able to train the stages (we only made 3 of  5 and only once each …. is not much).

It wasn’t one of the best races for Ainhoa. Two crashes in  2 and 4 stages made her lose some time. The good thing was that she made the best time in U20 women in Oilcan  the first time she rode that trail..

Shedidn’t have  luck with the cathegory also.. There were only few girls and U20 was the only group (up to 20 years) … 14-20 is a big gap….. She left with a bittersweet feeling because she was out of the podium for only 5 seconds. Not bad. We must learn to ride a bit more safe and avoid crashes. Next time will be better.

We recorded a  very short video of her race.



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